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In September 2006 I traveled alone to the south of Lebanon to see firsthand the consequences of the Israel/Hezbollah conflict.

I came upon the people of Lebanon rarely seen in the mainstream media. This is their story, in their own words.


This documentary shows the consequences of war in Lebanon primarily through the perspectives of her own diverse people and communities. Some interviews were planned; others happened serendipitously when I was there, through chance connections or by being referred to someone new.

Because I was completely on my own – not affiliated or supported by a news outlet or a corporation – I was able to meet with many Lebanese from all sides of the struggle. Much of what I learned was from people who were willing to sit down with a westerner both on and off camera to explain their situations to me, and to freely express their beliefs and opinions. I respect and appreciate them putting their trust in me to tell their story. I can only hope to pass on with a minimum of editorializing what they told me to you.

Pandi And Kris

It is our hope that this documentary will go far in dispelling myths and stereotypes to present a fairer and fuller representation of the people of Lebanon and their plight. The situation in Lebanon is infinitely more complex than what is presented in the mainstream media. Every subject – every person – is a spectrum of issues, and needs to be seen and understood in that way.

I returned from this trip with a deep respect for the people of Lebanon, but also much sadness from all the conflict they continue to witness.

With gratitude,

Krisztian K. Orban

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