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"Street Games" is the untold story of San Francisco's most well-known street attraction where people from all walks of life come together to enjoy camaraderie and a common love of chess on the corner of Market and 5th. This San Francisco tradition has survived violence and the ever changing face of San Francisco for over 20 years. The subject of many articles and brief interviews, until now the full story has never been presented.

"Street Games" tells the story of the men that began the tradition of "The Tables" in the 80's and the struggles they have endured to be able to continue to run their chess business on San Francisco’s busiest corner.


The corner of Market and 5th is not only the center of San Francisco’s financial center, but also the corner of the Tenderloin district that’s well known for its prostitution, drug dealing and crime since the early 1960s. This continuing crime problem and the citiy's redevelopment have all had a profound toll on the men that run the tables.

In many ways the tables' street feel and its casual atmosphere are the reason many people visit while many of the regulars come to try to make some money by hustling games of chess. Regardless of the reason for being there, everyone that plays at the tables shares a love of the game of chess.


"Street Games" is the second joint film project between Egalitarian Pictures and Feral Cat Films after the success of "No One Ever Wins"

Filming and interviews were by Feral Cat Films, Krisztian Orban and writing and editing by Egalitarian Pictures, Tony Urgo.

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